Training Tips

Behavior Modification Eliminating Problems :

  • Pulling on the leash: dog doesn’t know how to walk on the leash.
  • Excessive barking: when the dog is left alone in the house or is being confined in an area.
  • Jumping: on the table or person(s).
  • Chewing or biting: clothes, furniture, shoes, etc.
  • House-breaking: doesn’t know how to control his bladder, releasing itself in the house.
  • Aggressive behavior: possessive over his territory; aggression towards a person or another dog: it can escalate towards the members of the family or even the owner.
  • Distracted by noise or objects: exhibits hectic behavior when he hears strange sounds and goes into a flight behavior, and becomes submissive and nervous; this can escalate to an ironic behavior problem. The dog needs to be evaluated if its genetic problem or behavior that has developed due to its surroundings.

Tips for training a high energy dog.

After sometime in a run, a kennel or in the house, a dog has an abundance of pent-up energy, the best thing to do is direct the energy. Play with them, throw a ball. Try this when you release them from their kennel, have two balls with you.

Tennis balls work great. Throw one, then when they return to you immediately throw the other, in about 5 or ten minutes your dog’s stored up energy will be released, then begin with a ten minute training program. Reward them with treats. This will reinforce their training improve their obedience and make for a happier dog..