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When you want your dog to be an alarm-system and a bodyguard as well as a totally trustworthy family companion, you need a careful, expert trainer. With professional dog trainer William Melendez, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is in expert, careful, experienced hands. Mr. Melendez will become your dog’s teacher, mentor and friend. Using only positive training methods, he never forces or coerces. Your dog will have fun learning. After Mr. Melendez trains your dog, he will then train you to work with your dog. The results will be a dog that is both a great protector and a loyal, lovable companion for you and your family.

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At Universal k9, we believe that the foundation of any good training program is obedience training.

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The Seeing Eye continues to provide follow-up support and services after

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Mr. Willmelz entered the ranks of professional trainers 30 years ago after he discovered his talent for “reading” dog

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